Erica, 20, United States, Hufflepuff. Creative Writing major.

Lots of art for different fandoms. Current ones include Homestuck, Les Miserables, Welcome to Night Vale, and Tolkien.

Sometimes I reblog important things, and sometimes I talk about myself, usually in the tags. I also deface the works of Shakespeare by translating them into Homestuck.

Also Royalheather on AO3, deviantArt and Flight Rising (id#38181).

Now with 200% more Winchesters.

today is Draw a Centaur day, and I’ve been wanting to draw a centaur foal for a while

what a good supernatural episode

lord help me i’m getting emotional over rooster teeth videos now




people dont blog about the princess bride enough

she doesn’t even try to walk down she just dives head first onto a fucking hill buttercup what even god i love this movie

she goes down the same way she sent him

because they’re equals

THE KING IS FULL OF GRACE AND FAIR REGARD: a playlist for high and noble kings. ((listen here))

//1.demons.imagine dragons//2.may it be.enya//3.roll away your stone.mumford and sons//4.coming home.diddy - dirty money & skylar grey//5.ebla.e.s.posthumus//6.drink up me hearties.hans zimmer//7.this is gallifrey.murray gold//8.our solemn hour.within temptation//9.the ecstasy of gold.ennio morricone//10.diem ex dei.globus//11.symphony no. 7 movement 2.ludwig van beethoven//12.elegy.globus//

UNEASY LIES THE HEAD THAT WEARS A CROWN: a playlist for evil kings and conquerors. ((listen here))

// prepared.jeremy irons// comes the reign.les friction//3.everybody wants to rule the world.lorde//4.handlebars.flobots//5.tempus vernum.enya// hole/green sun.malcom brown//7.don’t mess with me.temposhark//8.holy water.astronautalis//9.o fortuna.carl orff// nation army.the white stripes//11.they hit without warning.epic score//12.counting bodies like sheep to the rhythm of war drums.a perfect circle//13.o death.jen titus//14.the rains of castamere.the national//


quick and very important question: who are some good/noble (real or fictional) kings?

thank you! :3

quick and very important question: who are some good/noble (real or fictional) kings?

you know what i want

i want jared padalecki and jensen ackles to show up at my door and be like, “hey, we know you’ve been having a really tough and stressful few weeks, so we just came to give you a friendly hug and let you know everything’s going to be okay”

and then they’d hug me

for like five minutes