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Just like every other blog that's a mishmash of fandoms, except I write and draw stuff too. Current ones include Tolkienverse, Marvel, Welcome to Night Vale, Supernatural and Roosterteeth. I also deface the works of Shakespeare by translating them into Homestuck.

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no okay but consider these for Hogwarts AU Supernatural

  • john winchester, muggleborn, marries mary campbell, pureblood. they have two sons, dean and sam. john is a top auror. not long after sam’s birth, mary winchester dies at the hands of death eaters. john swears vengeance on voldemort and his supporters
  • dean starts hogwarts in 1990, a year before harry potter does. he’s positive he’s going to be a gryffindor, like his dad, but instead gets sorted into hufflepuff. he sulks for days and won’t talk to the rest of his house.

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YOU GOTTA tell me really explicitely because I can’t tell when people are actually flirting with me

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dean plays beater. he’s an absolute menace, madame hooch hates him. so does madam pince.

third-year sam spends all his time in the library

he wanted to be a gryffindor like his father

watching supernatural to cure myself of an inexplicably weepy mood

yeah there’s no way this could possibly go wrong


I want to say so many things….



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